Caroline Hust

Artist Statement PDF

In my sophomore year at Rhode Island School of Design, my coursework has focused entirely on textile design. The process of machine knitting has proven to be an extremely fascinating method for creating fabric. I have come to realize that there is so much to explore whether through variation in technique, manipulation, color, or forms all while working directly on the machine bed. I find that there is a certain gratification that comes with knitting that I cannot get enough of and I am eager to gain new perspectives and skills in this area.

As an artist, the majority of my work tends to be very meticulous, process and detail oriented. Color is very important to me. I am typically drawn to bright, bold colors, graphic lines, and symmetry used to generate fun and energetic compositions. I enjoy working with graphic elements to create repeatable patterns whether through knitting, drawing, painting or silk screening. I am a perfectionist and am willing to invest the time required to create a superior product.

In my view, study abroad is a critical component of my undergraduate education. The opportunity to explore the British approach to art and design education and to be exposed to contemporary practice in a different cultural context would stimulate new creative directions for my work. Central Saint Martin's sophisticated, industry-linked program would expose me to accomplished fabric and textile designers who are at the leading edge of contemporary design. Collaboration with an international mix of students would also be very stimulating. I am seeking an environment where learning can extend beyond the realm of the classroom. London, with its many museums, galleries and rich cultural atmosphere, would be ideal. Working in a major global city rich with visual and cultural inspiration at a high quality university will offer me the best opportunity to develop my skills and professional consciousness as an artist. Central Saint Martins has had a profound impact on the design world and I would welcome the opportunity to study and contribute to your program.